Dear Friends,


Wednesday Outdoor Worship, July 19: Come for Wednesday Outdoor Worship tonight! SLIDE into Wednesday worship by coming at 6:15 pm for the Slip-N-Slide! Brings towels and be ready to have a great time sliding before and after worship. Outdoor worship begins at 7:00 pm at our outdoor worship space, rain, shine or heat. We will move indoors if the weather is inclement, but there will still be a special activity for the kids. Invite your friends, we hope to see you there!



9:00 am Outdoor worship with Holy Communion

10:45 Traditional Service where we will hear stories of how the Youth Mission Trip participants saw God at work during their South Dakota mission trip.

Message: Seeing God at Work

Scripture: John 15:12-17


Adult Bible Study at 8:00 am in the adult studies room.


Kids will stay in worship this week to hear about the youth mission trip. Children kindergarten age and younger can go to the preschool room.


Judy Sunderland’s mother who fell and broke 5 ribs.


Jim Stumpfa’s daughter, Carol, who is struggling with cancer.


Anette Seaberg as she deals with health issues.


Pat Shoop, who is back at Hillcrest.


Nancy Fust, who is in hospice.



Servant Leadership Board Meeting – Tuesday, July 25, 6:45 pm: See the Servant Leadership Board bulletin board in Fellowship Hall where the agenda is posted for the next Servant Leadership Board meeting. If you want a copy of the meeting agenda sent to you, email Michelle Schober at michelle.schober@comcast.net.


VBS Shepherd Training – Are you planning to help during VBS? Would you like to help? We are hosting several shepherd trainings for you to receive training on shepherding during VBS and Safe Church. Please RSVP to Haley (haley.mathison@minnetonkaumc.org) with the date that you plan on attending. If the dates do not work for you, and you would still like the shepherd training, please set up a time to meet. They are:

Thursday, July 20 at 6:30 pm
Saturday, July 22 at 1:30 pm
Sunday, July 23 at 12:00 pm

All Church Picnic & Carnival: Sunday, July 30, 12:00-1:30 pm. Invite your friends and join us after church for our 5th Annual All-Church Picnic and Carnival – This fun activity is free for everyone! As we wrap up our VBS week, enjoy hot dogs, chips, popcorn, freezies and lemonade. We will have carnival games for children plus a surprise reward if we reach our VBS Mission goal. 

Volunteers Needed: Adult carnival volunteers are needed to assist with set up, clean up and to help with food. Youth are needed to help run the carnival games. To volunteer, contact Haley Mathison, Judy Sunderland or sign up at the VBS table.

Meet & Greet with Pastor Matt: Are you interested in signing up to attend a Meet & Greet with Pastor Matt? Take a look at the options below and either call the church office to sign up (952-474-4114) or visit the table outside the nursery at church on Sunday to add your name.  Any questions, please contact Jana Budke (952-937-8887 or janapaultk@msn.com).

Tuesday, August 1, 7:00 pm, hosted by Lee Solee & Myrna Yoakam

Thursday, August 3, 2:00 pm, hosted by Carolyn Oakman

Saturday, August 5, 10:00 am, hosted by Celeste Scott & Chinh Huynh

Wednesday, August 16, 10:00 am, hosted by Melinda Kohrt


VBS Supply Needs: Help us make VBS possible by donating supplies: old t-shirts with one plain side, assorted foam stickers, toilet paper or paper towel tubes, comics (old books, newspaper cutouts, etc.), $10-20 JoAnn’s gift cards, small boxes (Jello sized), yellow sticky notes, streamers (all colors). Another way to participate in the ministry of VBS is to bake cookies, bars, or breads for the volunteers. Donations can be brought to the bin in Fellowship Hall or given to Haley.


Guest Readiness Team Update: The Guest Ready and Children, Youth and Family teams will start to make visible changes in August with a facelift to our building. Interior painting, selective carpeting and furniture updates are among the projects to be completed. Please check with the office on where in the church the work crews may be focused on specific days as it may affect your ministry’s use of the building. We appreciate your flexibility and patience with this temporary work throughout the building.



“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” ― Cornel West

I like this quote from philosopher/theologian Cornel West because it reminds me that my life of faith is more than what I think, more than what I see, more than what I want, and more than what I can do alone. Faith is a communal effort to support and sustain one another. Some people call this politics. Not the partisan politics that you might first jump to when you hear that word. I mean politics in the way we order our lives socially.

Each society is ordered in ways that help to sustain it and maintain it. We need roads for being able to move around. We need schools for educating our fellow neighbors. We need good and meaningful work to help build a great society. There are so many things that we need in our lives and need to help provide for our friends and neighbors to live and thrive.

There has been (and currently is) plenty of debate about these things. Does everyone need or deserve healthcare? What if people can’t afford it? What is a good living wage in 2017? Are whole groups of people still being discriminated against or have we moved past all that? What is the best way to welcome people from other countries into the neighborhoods around the Twin Cities? I’m sure there are many others that I’m forgetting.

These things (and more) have me thinking of Dr. West’s quote above. I believe Jesus called us to love God and to love our neighbors (Matthew 22), and we still have a lot of work to do in making that a reality. Putting our love into action means we need to make decisions about the things mentioned above. Not by taking adversarial sides or sticking to party lines, but working together to help people. Maybe even helping people who look very different from me.


Pastors Matt & Tiffany