Minnetonka United Methodist Church (MUMC) has a team of caring and concerned people who are working to address the social problems of domestic abuse / violence through support and prevention. As followers of Jesus Christ, we proclaim that domestic abuse is morally and spiritually wrong and a violation of human rights to safety, freedom, and dignity. Our commitment is to support victims and to work for a society free from domestic abuse.



Call the church office at 952-474-4114. They will give you a name and number to call.


  • Pastoral Counseling: Our lead pastor, Reverend Jeanine Alexander, welcomes anyone who wishes to meet with her. She can provide helpful counseling about scripture and the beliefs and commitment of the United Methodist Church in regard to domestic abuse / violence.
  • Confidential Listening and Help: Members of our Domestic Abuse / Violence Ministry team are available to talk with you confidentially and to assist you with finding what you need (such as shelter, counseling, advocacy services, and therapy programs). Call the church office at 952-474-4114. They will give you a name and number to call.
  • Resources: To reach out and offer assistance to both victims and abusers, we have set up a Resource Center along the window wall in our coffee area. Materials include informational handouts and a short paperback called Keeping the Faith: Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse. No sign-out is needed—just take a book and return it when you are finished.
  • Educate: We actively work toward stopping domestic abuse and violence through participation in the Clothesline Project, the “Live Free Without Violence” flag campaign, support of Sojourner Project, and special educational events.
  • Provide Meals: Our newest project is preparing and serving monthly meals for residents of Sojourner Project.


Here are some responses from members:

  • I participate because domestic abuse is morally wrong! I see it as a justice issue and it violates the victim’s basic human rights to safety, dignity, and freedom; it destroys families. We simply cannot continue to call ourselves a just society so long as we continue to tolerate domestic abuse.
  • As a person who at times was both a subject of and witness to abuse, I can sympathize with and advocate for others who suffer from abuse.
  • My passion is to help women and children achieve a higher standard of living in a safe environment. This work gives me an opportunity to help in my own community.
  • As a witness to domestic abuse as a child, now as an adult it continues to impact me. I do not want this to happen to anyone else.
  • This ministry is an excellent resource to help educate people about abuse.


  • Be Part of New and Ongoing Projects: Additional funds and helping hands may be needed for any project and information will be in the Sunday bulletin.
  • Be Part of the Extended Team: Extended team members are called upon for one-time projects and are encouraged to attend team meetings whenever items of interest are on the agenda.
  • Be a Core Member: New members to the Extended Team or Core Team are always welcomed. Call the church office 952-474-4114 for a name and number to call.


The Clothesline Project is an artistic visual memorial to victims and survivors of domestic violence. It was first brought to MUMC in October 2012 and had a strong impact on those who viewed it. Each shirt on the clothesline remembers a Minnesota adult and child who was a victim of domestic abuse. The shirts are designed by volunteer artists. A short article is attached to each shirt describing the circumstances of the victim’s death. The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women ( have maintained displays from 1992 to the present and are available for exhibit throughout the state to raise public awareness of the prevalence and severity of domestic violence and child abuse.

The “Live Free from Violence” flag campaign is a Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women (MCBW) project to raise awareness to the lethality of domestic violence and foster community conversations. In 2015, MCBW documented 34 cases of intimate partner homicide in the annual release of the Femicide Report. We are committed to this campaign to raise awareness of the social problems of domestic abuse and violence. Each time there is a documented intimate partner homicide, we memorize the victim by raising the flag for one week and noting in the Sunday bulletin.

Sojourner Project ( provides emergency shelter for women and children; legal advocacy and support to empower all those victimized by domestic violence; and education to raise awareness and promote violence prevention. The Domestic Abuse / Violence Ministry supports the work of Sojourner Project with in-kind gifts on a quarterly basis, volunteer for projects, provide special donations such as Bibles, and our recent action to serve nutritious meals on a monthly basis for the residents.


Books and videos mentioned below are available to borrow:

  • Large group screening documentary film, “I Believe You”
  • Bible Study of often misunderstood Bible passages
  • Multiple presentations of video, “What Churches Can Do”
  • Large group presentation, “Survivors Tell Their Stories”
  • Small group viewings and discussion of video, “With Impunity: Men and Gender Violence”
  • Parenting class, “How Culture Shapes Relationships” based on video, “With Impunity: Men and Gender Violence,” video, “Miss Representation,” and book, “Redefining Girly”
  • Co-Sponsor of Retreat for 4th-6th Graders & Parents, “Healthy Mind – Healthy Body – Healthy Spirit”