Minnetonka United Methodist Church

Weathering COVID19


Information from the MN Conference of the United Methodist Church

Phased Re-Gathering Plan


MUMC Sunday morning Worship:

  • We will be worshiping remotely until further notice

  • One service at 10:00 AM – we will go live at 9:45

  • to give people time to navigate their connections.  During that time there will be gathering music and the announcement PowerPoint will be on your screen

  • Even if it feels strange or awkward, IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for all of us to be together virtually for worship. PLEASE MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO TUNE IN.  This will be important for MUMC later as we resume our life together in person.

  • The offering will be part of our worship time, just like normal.

    • Online at: minnetonkaumc.org/giving

    • Text: MINNETONKAUMC to: 73256

    • With text giving, you will want to set up your credit card ahead of time then the actual giving process is easy during the service.

    • Credit card information is held by a third party vendor. The church does NOT have access to it

  • We encourage you to create a worship space for this experience. If you have a candle, please light it at home as we light the candles in the sanctuary.  The candles are a symbol of the presence of Christ in Worship.

  • You can access worship through our website


  • Bishop Ough has authorized the celebration of remote communion and assures us that this practice aligns with Wesleyan sacramental theology

  • Please have bread and anything that can be described as a “fruit of the vine” Grape juice, a grape, wine are all acceptable.  Once, years ago at a retreat where someone forgot to bring the elements, I celebrated the Eucharist with cold pizza and beer because … hops grow on vines?  Also, the communion is valid if you only have bread.  Use your imagination and your discretion.  Jesus will be there no matter what you do and he understands the present constraints.

  • We will hold the elements and all partake at once.