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Dynamite Prayer

Prayer. Why is this 6-letter word so comforting and yet so intimidating at the same time? Why and how do you pray? What is the purpose of prayer? Does prayer change anything or make a difference? With this new series, we invite you to wrestle with these and other important questions, learn from our biblical forebears and pursue different ways to deepen your connection with God through prayer.

This series dovetails with the all-church study of the books Open Road, by Sue Nilson Kibbey and Dynamite Prayer, by Rosario Picardo and Sue Nilson Kibbey.

Sermons: Dynamite Prayer

October 22, 2023

Walking the Talk

God created us to be a grateful and generous people as we continue the...

October 08, 2023

The Football Song

God yearns to connect with us in every phase of life.

September 17, 2023

Breakthrough Prayer

God has dreams for us. Are you praying to discern what they are?