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Resurrection Encounters

Join us as we explore the first biblical encounters with the risen Christ and consider the ways in which we encounter God and resurrection both now and in the future.

Sermons: Resurrection Encounters

May 21, 2023

Beyond the Frame

Jesus calls us to continue his work of reconciliation in the world.

May 14, 2023

Show Up

Jesus calls us, despite our imperfections and mistakes, to feed and...

May 07, 2023

Hindered Vision

Jesus is made known through imperfect community.

April 30, 2023

Seasons of Love

Jesus calls us to him, to one another and to an expansive ministry to...

April 23, 2023

Doubting Thomas?

Christ wants us to pursue an encounter with his presence and hopes...

April 16, 2023

The Walking Dead

Jesus leads us to call out injustice and pursue resurrection with and...

April 09, 2023

Show and Tell

Jesus calls upon us to be the proof of his resurrection and to pursue...