Make a Difference


Living Out a Mission

We all want to make a difference, and we believe that love in action can change the world. At Minnetonka United Methodist Church, we seek to help you live out your call to love God and neighbor by changing lives and communities, one day at a time.

So many of us have passions and skills that are easy to match to the numerous opportunities already available. Sometimes, however, we are nudged or called by God or others to step outside our comfort zones or skill areas. A healthy soul is nourished by not only by what pleases us but what challenges us. Have you answered the call to serve? How might the Spirit be prompting you to live your faith through service?

People Went on a Mission Trip Last Year
Birthday Bags Assembled for ICA Guests This Year
Pounds of Meatloaf Served to Simpson Shelter Guests Last Year

“God has given each of you gifts from [God’s] great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them to serve one another.” – I Peter 4:10

Areas of Focus

Not Sure Where to Serve?

If you’re a bit unsure about where and how you might engage in service to others, we encourage you to work with Judy Fallat and complete a Serving from the Heart inventory. This process can help to name your gifts and interests and identify how you might make the greatest impact.


Ways to Serve

Serving Within the Church

There are always a variety of ways to serve in and through Minnetonka United Methodist Church. Greet first-time guests, facilitate a small group, co-teach Sunday school, run the soundboard, bring a meal to someone recovering from surgery or find another way to serve that interests you and fits your schedule. The best way for us to help you get plugged in is for you to tell us where and how you would like to serve by clicking on the buttons corresponding to your preferred opportunities for serving.

Serving Beyond Our Walls

We work with a number of organizations and groups to change lives in the Minnetonka area and beyond. Through monetary donations and hands-on involvement, we strive to make a difference in our local community.

The World is Our Parish

In response to those criticizing his global approach to ministry, John Wesley, the founder of the movement that became the Methodist Church, said, “The world is my parish.” He viewed the geographic boundaries for ministry as far-reaching, not to be limited by distance, venue, demographic or status quo. At Minnetonka United Methodist Church, we, also, believe that serving others at the national and global level is of vital importance. As a result, we raise awareness for and support individuals and organizations around the world. We also send teams out in mission on an annual basis.

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